Sunday, February 7, 2010


I had maybe three hours of sleep last night.

After we put Max to bed, we watched the final three episodes of this season's Dexter. Yep. Commercials for movies can give me nightmares, but somehow a show about a serial killer's life intrigues me. I know people who love scary movies, and they find Dexter too disturbing to watch.

Why can I handle it? Because Dexter only kills other killers. So, I feel safe. I know no one deserves to be murdered, but Dexter is the modern day Robin Hood. Sort of. With knives.

This season he was after another serial killer who was really scary. The "Trinity killer" carried out a series of a cycle of murders over thirty years. And people I love and even myself could be victims. It's terrifying to think of it.

Believe me, Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow both deserved the Golden Globes they won.

So...even though I watched Ugly Betty afterward to try to get my mind off of blood, it didn't work.

If you like to be scared, watch Dexter.

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