Friday, November 13, 2009

Journal: Ceremony

Last Friday, the sun shone and the temps were in the 70s--not your usual cliche setting for a funeral. Arthur Lee was not only a former military man who fought bravely in WWII, but he was also a Mason.

At his graveside service, men stood sentinel. Beside men in military uniform, stood men wearing suits. The latter also wore small white aprons, white gloves, and a sprig of evergreen in their front pockets.

Taps resonated over the hillside, carried by the wind. The flag was given to his spouse.

The leader of the Masons talked about the evergreen representing the soul. He relayed other beautiful words, but I couldn't catch them all due to the wind. They placed the apron on the casket.

Each of these ceremonies had been conducted a multitude of times over the centuries. I enjoy ceremony. I find it soothing. Ceremony lends dignity to any occasion. Each was absolutely beautiful.

Rest in peace.

Journal: Write about a ceremony.

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