Monday, November 2, 2009

Age spots

My husband has a shiny bald head.

I'm always pestering him to wear a hat. Reason 1. I like hats. Reason 2. I don't want to be married to an old man with a sunspot speckled melon.

This morning I noticed a dark spot on the back of his head and thought, he cut himself shaving. I saw it again later and though, Geez, we need to make a dermatologist's appointment.

As we were waiting at a drive-thru window during lunch, he reached back and felt the place. I said, "Yeah, I noticed that earlier. I hope it's just blood."

He didn't change his facial expression when he said, "Smoothie."

While making smoothies this morning, he dropped a spoon in the blender while it was on. It splattered his face, the floor, the ceiling... and the back of his head.

No dermatology visits after all.

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