Friday, July 3, 2009

Journal: Fun

Max loves water. Whether my brother spritzes him with a spray bottle or he's splashing in the sink with a rubber ducky, the kid is thrilled. He may be related to Poseidon.

We went to the lake last weekend and placed a little wading pool on the deck. Instead of wearing his cute swim trunks--with dinosaurs on them--we just put him in his Little Swimmers and let him go. (I was outvoted.)

It didn't matter, though. He didn't care what he wore. He crawled in and out of the water. Just because he could. If you look closely you can see where he sat on the deck with his wet diaper and got dirt all over his tush. Again, he didn't care.

Journal: Write about a time when you were having so much fun you didn't care what you looked like.

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