Thursday, July 30, 2009

Author in the 'Quah

William Bernhardt visited the Carnegie Library in Tahlequah. I was impressed with the large group of people who gathered for him. The old library is beautiful and it was a great setting for a man who loves books to talk about books.

As always, he was an inspirational speaker. Whether he's encouraging people to write (and finish) a work or he's telling about his own experience in the writing field, he has a way of making people feel that they, too, can accomplish their dreams.

No Superman cape is required. Believe it or not, he claims that persistence is the trait that gets people published. Sure, talent helps. But there are a lot of talented people who never finished a book and never got one published.

Bill must know what he's talking about. He just signed on for his 31st book with Random House. His first book with them, Primary Justice, went to print SEVEN times in the first THREE months. Now that's a success story, people.

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