Friday, June 26, 2009

Journal: changes

Last week the journal topic was about music videos. Yesterday Michael Jackson died. As an elementary school student, I didn't jump on the MJ bandwagon and wear one glove and a red leather jacket. However, I have always respected his talent and influence.

For example, he is largely responsible for making music videos cool. Most people who are old enough to remember can recall marveling at the dancing zombies as they boogied to Thriller. The buzz was that the video didn't simply play during the song, but it was more like a movie--with real dialogue. Beat It was a cool video, too. It was all rough and tough. Then. Not now. Now, the supposed gangs look like a bunch of dancers, which I guess they looked like then, too. But it was cool, so we forgave them.

Certain things happen and we never forget where we were when we learned about them. A few of mine are1. when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up, 2. when Princess Diana died, 3. when the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, 4. when 9-11 occurred.

Michael Jackson's death doesn't fit into that category for me; although, other people across the world surely feel differently.

Journal: Fill in the blank and explain. Where were you when______?

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