Friday, June 19, 2009

Journal: See the music

A long, long time ago, this wonderful creation that is MTV came into existence. It was Music TeleVision. It showed music from the radio on tv and they called it music videos. I was sooo hooked. Not only did they have the cool dance moves and the latest fashions, but the commercials were the best on tv. I was very young at the time and didn't know most of what the songs or videos were about, but I loved my MTV.

Then my parents moved us out in the country.

Where it was too far for cable to reach.

In an era before the World Wide Web.

Up until I was in the sixth grade, we had four channels. Then Fox came into existence where I got to see The Simpsons, 21 Jump Street (Johnny Depp), and In Living Color (Jim Carrey, the Wayans brothers, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez, David Alan Grier). These lively shows were the closest thing to cable I had.

Whenever I went anywhere and stayed in a hotel, I automatically tuned the television to MTV. At home, I imagined what the videos would look like. Sometimes, they met my imagination. A lot of times I preferred my version to theirs.

Today, MTV is mostly reality television. VH1 has the music videos. And you better believe I dvr them every week.

Journal: Select a song. Describe the music video that you would create to accompany it.

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