Thursday, December 4, 2008

Journal: Throw a party

When we packed to move to New Jersey for a year we didn't know we'd have a baby Max, so packing Christmas decorations wasn't a priority. Since every baby needs to enjoy lights during the season, the hubby and I took Max shopping for a tiny tree to decorate our tiny apartment. Some may say that it's a bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree--especially since I wrapped a scarf around the base--but I think it's just right. Considering we bought all the trimmings at a dollar store, I think it looks pretty snazzy, don't you? And Max loves the lights.
Tomorrow we're hosting an ornament exchange to kick off the holiday season. Many of our friends have had a happy year, and we want to be sure to remember it. By having a special ornament, we'll do just that each year. I have a holiday trivia game planned as well as a fun activity to swap the ornaments. Something tells me that some Guitar Hero may occur as well!

Journal: Write about a party. What kind of party is it? Who is invited? How do they interact? What is served? Parties are great settings for stories because you have potential for lots of conflict. Also, with so many people, the writer can evoke a variety of emotions: friendship, love, disgust, anger, embarrassment, etc. Believe me, I've attended parties where I witnessed all these and more!

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