Friday, October 10, 2008

Journal: road trip

Road trip!

As a kid, my family traveled the highway on all our vacations. (Whether this was because my dad really loved to drive or because my mom was really afraid of heights remains a mystery.) I remember the late nights as they drove around looking for a hotel room--who needs to plan for these things? My dad just drove until he couldn't drive anymore. It was always an adventure.

One year we wound through the smoky mountains. Signs abounded that told us not to feed the bears. Suddenly, traffic slowed. A woman had her KFC lunch box opened and was dangling a chicken leg out the window of her car to an adorable baby bear. As we passed, I remember someone saying something about not wanting to be there when Mama Bear showed up.

On another trip, the whole family and our dog Yoda piled in our supercab truck to go to Florida. After our third flat tire/blowout, my dad yelled at my brother and me to take down the sign we had posted on the vehicle that said Disney World or Bust.

And he claims he's not superstitious.

In high school, I loved short road trips with pals. Whether it was driving to Tulsa for prom dresses or hitting the open road for various camps, I relished the freedom. As an adult, I've enjoyed road trips with friends and my hubby.

There's something about being in a car for an extended time period that really makes you learn about people. Do they take snacks? Are they frequent pit-stoppers? Do they plan a play-list on their iPod? Do they pack a book of questions? Do they go catatonic as soon as the engine revvs? Do they pull over to see local sites? Do they sample local food or stick to chain restaurants? Do they create an agenda or wing it?

Journal: Create a scene that occurs on a road trip.

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