Friday, October 17, 2008

Journal: Fall for the weather

Outside my window, bright yellow and orange leaves are falling. The squirrels who have played in the tree all summer are busy gathering nuts. The air is as crisp as the crunchy leaves on the street.

I hate winter because I hate being cold. However, autumn can be nice. My favorite kind of weather is when you can wear shorts and a sweatshirt or jeans and a tank top and feel perfectly comfy. Right now, we're in that zone.

I have great memories of this time of year. Football games, school spirit, and hot chocolate were major parts of my autumnal experience in high school. My class had only 103 students in it, so we were fairly close. Working on the homecoming floats was always fun. The fact our float never won was entirely beside the point.

Although I still refuse to watch scary movies, I always gave in once a year to being terrified. Near Halloween, a group of friends inevitably gathered for a "howl" of a time . Although we went to "haunted" houses a few times, my favorite frightening adventure was the hayride. I loved breathing the fresh air mingled with the sweet scent of hay. The fact that a masked man with a chainsaw jumped from behind a tree and inevitably grabbed me as his "victim" was a small price to pay. But like I said, I only did it once a year.

In college, my hubby's fraternity always had a party called Barn Dance. The pledges built a barn in the frat house yard where we two-stepped to country music and wore western wear purchased for the occasion. Most of the guys, including my husband, didn't like country music but they embraced it that weekend. Whenever I feel the temperature chill, I feel a bit nostalgic and listen to country music.

I'm hoping to explore pumpkin patches in the next couple of weeks. I want to get a picture of Max surrounded by pumpkins. If I can find a Halloween costume for him to wear--well, even better.

Journal: Write about a fall event.

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