Friday, June 27, 2008

Journal: Old Friends

The end of my two week stay in eastern Oklahoma was capped off with dinner at PF Chang's in Tulsa with three of my oldest friends. Clarification: We're not old, we've just known each other a loooong time--like our whole lives. Collectively, these girls could put together a tell-all book on my life. Of course, it would be incredibly dull, so what's the point? At one point or another, we've all resided in different states. Now, Ange and Amanda (the ones on the ends) live in Oklahoma, Katie lives in Minnesota, and I live in New Jersey. We haven't all been together in five years, but the stars aligned so that we could visit for an evening--in between knock-knock jokes from Katie's little girl! (Hey, some of them were even funny.) It was a nice way to end my visit.
Journal: Write about a friendship that endures.

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