Thursday, May 22, 2008

"And your next American Idol is..."

That's were my DVR cut it off. Can you frickin' believe it?!

The envelope was in Seacrest's hand.

The two Davids were waiting.

America was waiting.

I was waiting.

And the recording stopped. GRRR! I'd been so faithful this season and this was how the tv gods repaid me?
Admittedly, I agreed with Simon that I didn't really care which David won because I like them both (although, my hubby seems to have a serious case of the negative against Archie for some reason). There's something to Cook's gravelly voice and his ability to rock out any song, but there's also something so sweet and true to the tone of Archuletta's vocals.

Sure, I know who won. And...sure, I only taped it so that I could skip the commercials, and by that time I'd caught up to real time. HOWEVER, I'm not smart enough or quick enough to switch the buttons instantly and see it. By the time I was able to get it back to the station, Cook's eye liner was smudging from tears of joy and he was taking the mic to sing.

Hey, at least I got to see him include the whole AI gang in his victory song.

To quote Archuletta, "Gosh" this season was so feel-good.

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