Thursday, April 3, 2008

New York Auto Show

Last Saturday I went to the NY Auto Show. My husband claimed it was the biggest in the nation and I'd be impressed. Surprisingly, for a gal who usually can identify a car only by color, I thought it was pretty cool

The most exciting aspect of the show was seeing this car--even though a bunch of guys and little boys made no effort to get out of my way so I could get a better view. Do you recognize him? It's Bumblebee! From Transformers! I just know that if those people would have gotten out of my way, he would have transformed and had a chat with me. I'd like to ask him why the amazing theme song from the cartoon didn't make it to the movie. Seriously, I was so disappointed that I had to sing it to myself. It probably annoyed the people around me, but does it matter? The song should have been included.

Isn't she pretty? This is my new car. Okay, maybe she's not, but she wants to be. You can't exactly tell from the picture, but this little Jag looks like a kitty cat in the face. Me-ow.

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