Friday, March 14, 2008

The Animal Rescue Site

Each morning I wake up and go to my laptop. Check my email. Read my blogs. Eat some cereal.

Before I do any of that, though, I click on The Animal Rescue Site.

Growing up, we always had dogs and cats even though my mom refused to let us have hamsters or gerbils. "I will not have a rat in my house!" I don't have a pet now, so I feel like this habit must be from my dad's rule of feeding the animals before we ate because they can't fend for themselves.

A former student and later fellow classmate in a college writing course recommended this site. Andrew is passionate about animals--I heard he has everything from dogs to rare lizards in his house. Even if someone isn't as enthusiastic as he is, it doesn't take much effort to click. With each daily click, I help fill .6 of a bowl for a rescued animal. If you click, too, we'll be able to help more than one.

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