Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol

I'm an on again/off again American Idol fan. This season, I'm on. Once they weed out the people who should know better than to embarrass themselves by auditioning for a singing competition, I'm all ears. This season's talent is really incredible.

For the most part.

But was booting off Amanda really the right choice last night? Granted, her performance was not stellar, but was she the worst?

Why, oh, why does the Cook girl make it through to the next level every week even though she's repeatedly ranked in the bottom? No, wait... I know.

She's cute.

Even my hubby will pause in whatever he is doing to watch a bit of the show if she's singing.

However, this week decided who gets to go on tour. So, America, when you pay to see her in concert, remember you voted off the girl with the blues-y soul in favor of a an adorable girl who struggled with "pitch" as well as rhythm in a popular Beatles song. Now, on the tour, ticket payers will have to endure similar torture "Eight Days a Week."

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