Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Salads: Tom Barczak

Males are a novelty at writing conferences. So, what I noticed first about Tom Barczak when I met him was how calmly he handled a bunch of women asking questions, sniffing out if he were single. He was a perfect gentleman and a nice guy. 

Later, I learned Tom is a Renaissance Man who holds down a day job. He is devoted to his three boys. He cooks from his garden. He's the author of Veil of the Dragon, Awakening Evarun, and Fall of the Chosen. 
Read his blog and you'll know even more why I wanted you to meet him. 
 Because, above all, Tom Barczak is genuine.
 Even if he does write fantasy.
 Blog readers, meet Tom. He brought salad. Let's party!

photo swiped from Tom's Facebook page
So, I got to make dinner, a salad, tonight for my girlfriend.
My 3 boys and I keep a small garden in our backyard, so I actually got to use a few things from that, which I always like to do.
The end result was wonderful, savory but not too heavy.
I love to cook. I am an Architect, a Writer and a Painter, so I like to have fun with different textures and flavors when I do. I enjoy all of the senses.
Salads, however, are a new thing for me. But I actually felt like I had a meal with this one.  
And also important: I know it’s something that my kids will eat.
Oh, and though I had my doubts when I first imagined it, the Feta cheese was absolutely killer in this.

Summer Chicken Salad
Spinach and salad greens.
Grilled chicken breast (Sliced flatways). Then sliced and laid over the salad.
Crumbled feta cheese.
Crumbled bacon (Of course).
Light Honey Dijon Mustard Dressing.
Carrots (From my garden)
Cherry Tomatoes.
Fresh Greek Basil (From my garden) for garnish.
And as far as what drinks go good with that, well, we had Kool-aid.


  1. This was so much fun. Thanks again my friend. :)

    1. You are welcome. Thank YOU. I love fresh, healthy food. I just don't always prepare it or consume it--as the three donuts I ate today can testify.

  2. That is one nice looking salad, Tom - way to use that garden to the max!

    1. And I'm impressed with the carrots. I learned from CURIOUS GEORGE and my son that they are difficult to grow.

  3. Love the extra pizzaz from using your garden crop! Beautiful picture and great recipe- Thanks, I will try it soon!

    1. I agree, Lisa. This post almost made me want to garden.