Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Salad: Heather Davis

Guess who is at our virtual potluck today, ya'll?

Minivan Momma is in the house! Heather Davis is the award winning author of 
the TMI Mom humor series.

She's partied with Dr. Oz, so I feel extra fancy that she's hanging out with us.
You may know her as one of the leaders of Oklahoma Women Bloggers as well
as one of the talented producers from the Listen to Your Mother Show in Oklahoma City.
Watch her video here.

How does she accomplish everything?  Stick around the party, because she's sharing
some of her magic tricks.


I found myself awake at 3:00am (that's the morning, y'all) just knowing I had
forgotten something. I just knew it, but I didn't know what it was. Later that 
same morning, when we were trying to get out the door on time, I remembered. 
I had to take a salad to work for a luncheon. I could have stopped by Hellmart 
on my way to work, but I really didn't have the time or the desire to do that.

I opened up my fridge and contemplated dousing the head of lettuce with ranch 
dressing and Parmesan cheese, but I was afraid of the lawsuit, because the lettuce 
was limpy and the Parmesan was putrid.

I perused the panty not really sure what I would find. I felt the spirit of Julia Child 
enter into my soul as I glanced at three cans of beans. Within five minutes I had what 
I now call the "Oh Crap! I Forgot! Salad."And at the end of the luncheon, I had an 
empty bowl to take home. What do ya know? I pulled it out just in time.

 Oh Crap! I Forgot! Salad

Three cans of beans, any kind, drained and rinsed. (My favorites are black 
 eyed peas, garbanzo beans and kidney beans. But, I've made it with chili 
beans, black beans, purple hull beans. I'm pretty sure re-fried beans would not 
work, though. Pretty sure.)

One purple onion, diced or sliced. (How much time you actually have when you 
remember that you forgot will determine how fancy you cut up your onion.)

Half a cup of Italian dressing. (Truthfully, I don't have a clue as to whether
or not it's a half cup or three-quarters of a cup. I never measure. I just pour, 
cover and shake.)

When all of your ingredients are in your salad bowl, stir well. Or put a lid 
on the bowl and shake well.

This does well when you have an hour or two to refrigerate it. It'll last for 
three days if you make it for your family and they refuse to eat beans.


  1. Wow, Heather - fast AND fiber. Good job! I'm glad I read all the way through before getting started - I was inches away from tossing in the leftover refried beans.

    1. Yes. I'm here to help but only if you follow directions first.

    2. I never have leftover refried beans, Shel. I'm all about the health food.

  2. Open three cans, one bottle, and chop up an onion--I think I can do this!Btw, Heather, the other day day I told my husband I'd just come from "Hellmart." He laughed when I translated for him.

    1. LOVE. I'm love that Hellmart is catching on. I'm thinking any-kind-of-Mart will never sponsor me, though...

    2. Target doesn't have "mart" in the name. I think they should carry your books. Heck, maybe they can start a line of beans in your honor. "Minivan Momma is full of beans" could be the tagline.

      It could work.:)

  3. Nice job in a pinch Heather! :)

    1. Thanks! I do my best work pinched. :)

    2. I am often in a pinch, Brandy. I'm pretty sure I have all of these ingredients at home right now.

  4. YUM. I have decided anything with Italian dressing is just plain good.

    1. True. My kids are at the stage where they believe everything tastes good with ketchup. Hmmm. New recipe?

  5. That's pretty impressive and I'm going to pin it for the next time I forget Pot Luck at work. There's a Wal-Mart market next door so I could swing it! I might even have to make a post about it myself - if I do of course I will link back!

    1. I miss Walmart Market! It never felt like Hellmart.

      And thanks for the link back.:)