Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writer's Wednesday: Downton Abbey Rewrite

Now that fans have had time to recover from the season finale of Downton Abbey Season 3, I thought I'd bring it up again.

Yeah, I'm a salt in the wound kind of gal.

According to my Facebook feed, people are upset about the story.

Some loved it.  Many did not. A few even mentioned they might stop watching.

One woman declared the ending was simply bad writing.   

So here's your chance. 

If you disliked the finale--or some other part of this season--write a synopsis of YOUR version in the comment section.

If you liked it, defend it.




  1. It made me sad. But I much preferred death to Matthew leaving for some other reason. That way they'll always be happily in love. Reminds me of the play Winners.

    1. Yes, I like the idea of thinking of them as happy. For the sake of the story, it seems a good idea to me. Watching happy boring. Might as well kill him off.

      Plus, I'm always miffed when an actor decides to leave a hit show. Death seems a just reward.