Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Channeling Andy Rooney on Technology

Warning: I'm going to get all Andy Rooney grumpy pants here.

What is the deal with these codes I have to type in on the internet to prove I'm not a self-actualized robot?

They used to be a jumbled word.  Then they became upper and lower case. Next, it became two words. NOW, it's numbers and words.

Confession: I have been unable to comment on blogs simply because I can not type in the proper code. After four times--yes, FOUR--I give up.

My failure makes me feel...old. And I'm NOT old.

Read in the appropriately curmudgeon voice:
  • "Back in my day, we didn't have email. We wrote letters."
  • "When I was a kid, we didn't have smart phones. We had to look things up in encyclopedias."
  • "We didn't have Pinterest to plan our childhood parties. We had McDonald's Playland and a birthday cake."
  •  "When I was in the third grade we moved to a small town where you didn't even have to dial a prefix. Just four numbers.  Most times I dial now, it requires more numbers than I have fingers and toes."

How on this green earth am I going to manage by the time I qualify for senior citizen discounts? It will probably be an eye scan. Of course,  I'll probably develop cataracts and it will misread.

Maybe, by then, I can buy a computer program to figure out those darned codes for me.

Follow up: My husband told me this makes me sound much older than I really am--especially because of the phone number thing. It was a very small town. 

And I'm not old.  Not yet.


  1. Here's the best way I've found to communicate. It's faster than any computer.

  2. Thanks for your post. I feel validated AND now I know I have a kindred spirit with which to grump about technology. P.S. Still struggling with my iphone- 2 weeks from purchase my favorite feature is the camara, everything else freaks me out.

  3. Technology makes me feel outdated sometimes!

    That's why I like my iPhone and MacBook. They're soooo easy. I'm not terribly advanced on the phone, but I have a few favorites. Have you tried the calendar? myLite is a fabulous flashlight app that helps tremendously in the house when little ones are sleeping or outside in the dark. I've even used it to read my Kindle at night. I mustn't forget the Lightsaber app that satisfies my need to pretend I'm a Jedi.And, then, of course, there's Pinterest. :) Good luck. You'll be addicted before long.