Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Red Lobster and Fork Lifts

"Lobster, please!"

We couldn't believe that's what he wanted to eat.  Max likes looking at them, but I didn't expect him to want to eat them.  We ordered French fries and lobster tail for our little guy.  Of course, when it landed on the table, he thought the tail had teeth and decided he wasn't touching it. After telling him he couldn't have another fry until he ate a bite of lobster, he rethought his decision.  Cautiously, he nibbled a bite off the fork.

And smiled.

Before long he'd forked up all the lobster his dad had pulled out of the tail, dipped it in butter, and plopped it in his mouth.  He even wanted more.

We may have started an expensive habit.

Surprisingly, Max's first experience with lobsters didn't catch the other patrons' attention as much as his language.

The kid is fascinated with machinery.  He grabbed a fork and pretended he was a fork lift. I thought it was clever.  Unfortunately, when he tried to "lift" his dad with the utensil, he said, "My going to fork you up." In his toddler dialect, the "r" is not pronounced. He repeated it many times--with increasing volume--and it was not pronounced ever.

So, to all the people who gave us dirty looks...he said fork. Fork you up. Really.


  1. Hee! The restaurant patrons must have thought he was quite the little gangsta!

  2. We've told him he can be anything he wants to be when he grows up, but "gangsta" wasn't what we were going for. We'll be more specific next time.

  3. Hilarious! I had a good laugh with this post!

    Just the other day my neighbor was putting a bench under a tree in her front yard. While she was out there, my daughter and I strolled out to the get the mail. Before I knew it, my little munchkin squealed, "Mommy! Look at that *bench*!" while pointing at my neighbor with her new shaded seating.

    "Bench" in native toddler tongue comes out with an "itch" sound at the end. We may be forced to sell our house earlier than anticipated. :)

  4. Oh no! So funny!

    I have a feeling our adventures in toddler embarrassment are just beginning. That's okay. We'll avenge ourselves when they become pre-teens.:)

  5. My daughter is 7, and she can still make my face flame! Monday, we were having lunch with my husband's ex-wife, her family and parents. I know it sounds strange, but we make it work. B has always had, um, gastro-intestinal issues, so when we made our way to the table after a lengthy stay in the restroom, she declared "Yep, we figured out I need some more poop medicine!"

  6. Lovely. How do they know which topics are dining appropriate?! Ha!