Friday, June 4, 2010

Journal: your old story

Setting is difficult for me.

As a reader, I don't pay much attention to it because I'm more interested in the people. I always have been. When I first read Anne of Green Gables, my young eyes skimmed pages of description. I was not interested in the setting. I was the same way with Gone With the Wind. Perhaps it's because the heroines are so compelling. I love a girl with an attitude. Or perhaps I have no patience. Who knows?

Unfortunately, due to my tendency to skim/skip description in reading, I've long found it difficult to write settings properly.

So I've had to work.


But, as they say, hard work pays off. At my last writing group, one of the members said, "'I can't write setting.' That's your old story. Your new story is that you write it well."

Insert hallelujah and thank-you-much here!

Her phrasing seemed lovely to me. I relished the idea of not having to be just one thing forever and ever the end.

Journal: What is your old story? What is your new story? How did you journey from one story to another?

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