Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Night Moon

Before I had one, I was never around any.


I didn't get board books. They were bored books to me.

Not anymore. Now, I see what amazing worlds unfold for my son by simply reading a board book.

And I understand why Good Night Moon is such an enduring classic.

Not only are the words amazing, but there's so much to learn. The rhythm soothes us at the end of a day. The objects are vocabulary basics. (One of Max's first words was "tick tock," and he loved pointing at the clocks on all the pages.) The pictures seem to be the same scene on almost every page, but not always. Even when really young, he thought it was funny to say goodnight to "nobody" and to "air."

But do you know what? The book is not static. In the last two weeks, I've noticed two things I'd never seen before. 1. the mouse moves all over the place. 2. the boy bunny has a copy of the book on his nightstand.

See, amazing worlds unfold for me when I read as well.

Just another example of getting older and realizing how little I know.

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