Monday, September 28, 2009

Journal: out of place

This weekend was beautiful. Not a raincloud shadowed the sky. On Saturday morning, I entered a convenience store to see two children scampering about in galoshes. The little boy wore a white tank top and cut off jean shorts. His little sister wore a yellow t-shirt and panties.

I'm always annoyed when I see people take children out in public half-dressed. For one thing, it's indecent and exploits innocence. For another, I imagine that these children grow up to be the adults whose body parts we see more of than we really desire.

Did I mention they wore galoshes?

At the end of the evening, I saw an entirely different family. The kids wore galoshes.

A magazine article recently suggested adding a "fun" twist to an ensemble by wearing rain boots when it wasn't raining. These kiddos were too young for fashion to be of much interest to them. Instead, I imagined the parents struggling with them to put on normal shoes and the children insisting on the galoshes.

Fun must be the explanation.

Journal: Write about a character whose attire seems out of place but actually has a purpose. Show that purpose in the scene.

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