Saturday, August 8, 2009

Northeastern Oklahoma AuthorFest

I enjoyed meeting readers and authors today at the Northeastern Oklahoma AuthorFest in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Authors had their tables decorated thematically with their books. I had little fairies, twinkle lights, and candy. People dropped in to visit, which is always my favorite part of any book event.

One of the authors at the event was Nicci Sefton, a charming young woman from Tulsa who has self-published a teen vampire book called Luxuria. What makes Nicci so special? She just graduated high school. She began Luxuria while she was 15, and she finished it on her 16th birthday. Her next novel is set to come out around Halloween. Impressive, huh?

Many of you know I'm not a big fan of self-publishing (I prefer to be paid upfront thankyouverymuch); however, some major successes have begun in the self-publishing industry. Eragon, The Christmas Box, and The Lace Reader are a few success stories of self-published authors who made it big in the end. Many self-published works are done so because no one else wants to spend money on them to make it happen, but these authors had something special that made it happen...$BIG$.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Nicci, her parents, and her best friend (who is Precious in her novel). Although I haven't read Luxuria yet, I plan to. Wearing a suit and Converse with little pandas on them, Nicci showed spunk and motivation. Her table was a marketing masterpiece complete with candle stands, flower petals, and wine goblets. Plus, did I mention she is adorable? I, for one, think this girl is someone to watch in the future. Check out her website at

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