Monday, May 25, 2009

Say it Ain't So

Jon and Kate Gosselin,

I don't know why I care about your marriage so much. Is it because I watched your show in anticipation as my due date loomed? Is it because I watched taped segments as I pumped milk in the wee hours of the night after feeding my little one? Is it because I understand the desire that drove you to fertility treatments? Is it because I can be an overtalkative so-and-so and my husband was once a happy computer nerd?

I dont' know why I feel so invested.

But I do.

And by letting me inside your life, you allowed me to be this way.

The most important people you owe your marriage to is, of course, your children. But you also owe it to me and the gajillions of others like me who watch the show.

Everyone experiences adversity in life. You guys did and capitalized on it in the most American way possible--with a reality tv show of your family. I applaud your ingenuity.

And I've applauded your triumphs along the way. Because you seemed normal. You seemed like ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, which is what we all are at times in our lives.

But what now? You're not normal anymore. This tabloid brouhaha is pure Hollywood. Sure, most tabloid regulars are regular people placed in extraordinary circumstances, too, but you're different. With stars, they act or sing or dance or something. You guys simply let us watch you live. You allow us that little thrill one achieves from reading someone's diary or email. You're like us.

Aren't you?

For the sake of your children and the love that has been evident in certain episodes, please work it out. Also, continue to provide viewers a model of how couples can make it through parenthood--and crises--in love.

So, as I watch your season premiere tonight, it out.

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