Sunday, January 5, 2014

List Maker, List Maker, make me a list!

Santa doesn't check his list twice because he fears improperly categorizing children--magic doesn't make mistakes, silly.  He does it because checking things off feels good.

I understand this addiction. I, too, am a list maker.

Each January provides the opportunity to create a new list of goals.  When someone asks me if I made a New Year's Resolution, I struggle not to roll my eyes like a twelve-year-old girl.  Resolutions are made to be broken. Ask anyone whose bank account still sends money straight toward the local gym even their gps forgot how to locate.

And a single resolution? pu-leeez.

This girl (moi) makes a measurable list of goals with a plan to achieve them. It's fun.

Plus, coming down off the high of the holidays isn't so bad when one has the opportunity to check a list and see improvements in existence.

The list for 2014 is 2 1/2 pages long.  Single spaced. 11 point font.  My husband and I select a theme (Live More in Two-Zero-One-Four) that becomes a mantra, influencing decisions throughout that year. We categorize goals for each of our children, our family, our home, our relationship, and our office. We list personal goals and sometimes add a separate category depending on the year.

Obsessive? Perhaps.  But we find satisfaction in measuring growth and acknowledging what we need to improve. For example, two years ago I didn't accomplish a single goal on my personal list, but in 2013 I accomplished most of them. I had to see it on paper before I recognized how I was cheating myself at life. Progress!

When we didn't make annual goals, we shuffled through life beating ourselves up. If one doesn't pause to reflect, it's easy to get bogged down in the major stresses.  If one doesn't pause to plan, it's easy to lose sight of hope.

This year, my blog has goals of its own.  Several series are planned that I'm really excited about. Since connecting people is one of my favorite pastimes, I will continue to do so. Recognizing the magic in everyday life is another.  I'm going to be more thoughtful and courageous in what I share as well as more helpful.

Because this year will pass, I want to make it count.  What about you?

Check out Lisa Marotta's blog on planning goals for your year.
If you are in a relationship, check out Shel Harrington's post for improving that in 2014.

I find magic in everyday life and shout it to the blogosphere. 
What little thing happened to you recently that felt magical to you? 


  1. To be honest, I've had trouble making a "list" this year. As evidence of this lack of focus and drive on my part, I offer up a blog that hasn't been updated in two weeks. Not a good start for the new year. :-\ But your post has inspired me. Maybe a list--if just a short one--will be the spark I need to get my goal-making and goal-achieving juices flowing!

  2. I was astonished to see I hadn't posted in two weeks, either. It's so nice to know others have been distracted, too. As for not having a list ready at the beginning of the year. Meh. Setting realistic, measurable goals at any time of year is a worthwhile endeavor. Now...I think I'll make a list of posts to be scheduled during times of year I know are super-busy. Thanks for the inspiration on that goal, Dee Dee!

  3. I'm a list maker, too, but never have I been so thorough in listing goals for the year! Well, except when the Inklings are making writing goals. Hmmm. But that's a more specific focus? I do get more done when I make daily lists, so you'd think this would translate to a yearly list. Why do I resist? Thanks for inspiring me to think this through!

    1. You accomplish many things without your yearly list! Your daily lists must be doing the trick.

  4. I'm a total sucker for lists (as evidenced by the slew of blog posts that start out [insert number] ways to . . . ) I feel productive after creating it. I feel empowered when I get to cross something off. Thanks for the shout out on my LIST of ways to improve 2014! Btw, I love the finding the magic in everyday life theme!

    1. You are very welcome, Shel. I love reading magazine articles that have lists, so you just helped me realize why I love your blog so much.