Monday, March 11, 2013

Mommy Math

I need an ice cream cone.

Or a glass of whine wine.

Don't believe me?

Do the math:

toddler changing from two naps to one nap + Daylight Savings Time = preschooler raising eyebrows and saying with a grin, You're a funny mommy = (screaming + crying)baby/going for drive

Who needs a crib?


  1. I sympathize with little ones dealing with daylight savings time. I can barely deal with it myself!(I sympathize with you, too!)

  2. I am not a whiz at math, but it seems you are outnumbered! Hang in there Brandi

  3. Just so you know, DST has kicked our rear-ends over here. We have had some less than stellar moments this week.

    P.S. Miss A is all kinds of cuteness snoozing on the floor.

  4. To stand in solidarity with you, I'm willing to join you for a glass on wine - leaving the 'h' out is mandatory!