Wednesday, September 29, 2010

B&B with a cuppa tea

Bed and Breakfasts often leave me feeling as if I paid too much to stay at someone's dilapidated home just to eat a breakfast I don't have to cook.

Not anymore.

We found one that is posh. Downright posh, I tell you. The only reason I left was because my heart tugged in the direction of my toddler. Two Hearts Inn isn't cramped or old. That all-too-familiar musty smell of B&Bs lingered nowhere, and I never wondered if the pipes were up to code. Plus, the bed was comfy, not lumpy like so many of those kitty cat-smelling, Victorian over-decorated alternatives. After breakfast, I strolled down to a park area below my balcony and lounged for hours with a book and my computer.

And that's not even the best part.

Two Hearts Inn is connected to Inspirations Tea Room, which rivals most tea rooms in the country. I've been to Inspirations many times, but this week was the first time I had tea for two with my hubby. It was perfect.

If you plan to be in the Oklahoma City/Edmond area, definitely try out Two Hearts Inn and/or Inspirations Tea Room. You will not be disappointed.

Note: I swear I'm not related to the owners or getting paid. I'm just a fan of good things.


  1. Wow. If only I had a reason to stay overnight in Edmond! Sounds romantic.

  2. It's also a wonderful writing retreat. Pumpkin scones.:)