Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day of "School"

Only three days a week.

For socialization.

It will be good for him.

Can't let him be the kid who double-dips in the chip bowl at parties or picks his nose at recess.Heneedsfriends. Studiessayit'sadvantageous. He'llbehealthierwhenhereallystartsschool. Itwillbegoodforhim.It'llbegoodforhim.IT'LLBEGOODFORHIM.

So, because we love him so very much, we loaded our miniature man into the car and sent him to "school."
Did you see the bag in his hand? You may have missed it because the backpack dwarfs his tiny toddler body. Here it is:
Inside, I placed an apple pump hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works:

Max handed it to his teacher and was very brave.

I waited to cry until I climbed into the car.

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