Friday, May 7, 2010

Insurance Agents and Jeff Magee

Garrett and I attended Hypopanty this week.

It is pronounced hie-pop-un-tee, not hie-poe panty, regardless of how much more fun it is to surprise people by using the word "panty" in a professional setting. Hypopanty is a Greek word for "meetings," and it is the name of Oklahoma's annual insurance conference.

Does anyone else find it ironic that a group of insurance agents hold a conference few can pronounce and fewer can define?

Name aside, it was a surprisingly inspirational gathering. Insurance events often make me wonder if the organizers place bets on how quickly they can put people into REM sleep. Skilled speakers have a lot to do with it.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee
from Tulsa, Oklahoma, spoke for six hours during the conference. The Sand Man didn't tempt me once. Dr. Magee was dynamic, informative, and enthusiastic. Since I paid attention, I know he'd probably prefer I say he is "successful" and doesn't "succ." But I'm going to say he is magnificent. I've rarely taken so many notes in any session. Not only did I fill my handout with his sales tips, but I also observed HOW he presented and scribbled that data in a notebook, too. If you need a motivational speaker whose focus is on success, check him out.

He definitely didn't "succ."

And neither did Hypopanty.


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