Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did you hear about the economy?

What started as a "scratch" on the screen of my iPhone has spread to a gaping hole. Yesterday I learned that if I'd taken it in when it first happened, a replacement would have been free because it was still under warranty. Not now. Now $199 will replace the screen. But if I'd like a new phone, I'll have to pay $500 because our contract is still effective and so I have to pay more. At least that's my understanding.

But I'm not understanding a lot these days.

For example, I thought the nation was in a financial crisis. No one had told the customers of the Apple store yesterday. Seriously. I think the fire code for occupation was violated. Every person there was spending money.

Another thing I don't understand is the high-tech nature of society today. Sure. I have three emails, a blog, and a Facebook page, but I'm still pretty naive. I don't understand etiquette in this high-tech culture.

I made an appointment for 4:15 at the Apple store yesterday. So, I showed up at 4:10. The store was crazy-busy, and none of the people in blue shirts even looked my way as I made it to the back of the store where the signs advertised "geniuses" were at work. I waited. I noticed my name on a screen that moved me from #6 to #5. When the time changed to 4:15, I approached the guy. He asked if I'd checked in at the front. Well, no. No one had told me I needed to check in. I'd shown up for my appointment at the given time...early, actually. Too bad. Five other people were placed ahead of me because I hadn't checked it. Although my appointment was for 4:15, it didn't occur until 25 minutes after my arrival. Did I mention that no one told me checking in was necessary?

I might have taken the transaction as a teachable moment if I hadn't witnessed the guy-behind-the-counter's next customer interaction. A Kardashian wannabe strutted up in tight workout clothes and spike-heeled boots--I kid you not. Her long black hair resembled dreadlocks, and I questioned its authenticity as real hair. She told the guy she had a 5:30 but just didn't want to stick around. So, he personally waited on her once he closed his mouth and made the mumbling noises from his mouth form words. He literally tripped over his own feet as his rushed around the counter to stand beside her.

Um... why didn't I get that kind of service? Was it the stroller? My choice of sneakers instead of boots? The fact that I didn't have the word "Juicy" across my backside? (By the way, weren't those pants were out of trend years ago?) Had he seen me, laughing, on the carousel earlier scrambling to hold a screaming toddler who decidedly did not enjoy the ride? Maybe he'd witnessed me slathering my kid with disinfectant once we left the mall play area that looked more like ant hill than kid zone. Was it the fact that I played with my Chick-Fil-A to tempt my toddler to eat in the food court? Had he seen me change a wet diaper on a bench because the diaper changing station in the bathroom was full.

Who knows? She was in and out before my name moved to #1 on the screen. I remember when I used to get that kind of service.

Yep. The world is changing. The economy is probably the least of it.

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