Friday, April 10, 2009

Journal: Sleepover

Goldilocks slept in the bedroom of the three bears.

She slept. In a house. Belonging to bears. Not knowing when they'd return.


No amount of sleep aids could help me accomplish such a feat.

Sleeping is not something I necessarily have difficulty with, but I do sleep some places better than others.

I never slept well on my friend's trampoline--even though I didn't really believe that a ghost of a ballerina pirouetted in her yard at midnight.

I always sleep well on a cruise ship--perhaps because I like being rocked to sleep by the ocean waves.

I don't enjoy sleeping in a tent--especially if someone gets the bright idea to mist water inside like it's some sort of "tent air conditioner." (By the way, it doesn't work. It makes the air humid and your sleeping bag damp.)

I do enjoy sleeping while the air is a bit chilly in a big comfy bed--if it has a down alternative comforter even better.

I like the idea of bed and breakfasts, but I always stay awake wondering about the history of the home or listening to other guests wander the halls.

I don't like music or tv on while I sleep. The songs and shows weave their way into my dreams, and it gets a little crazy.

I really like the idea of closing my laptop, turning off the light, and getting a full night's rest without my baby waking me up.

Goldilocks slept in a bear's house. Surely I can get at least an hour without interruption, right?

Journal: Write about a night spent in a location other than your bedroom.

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