Monday, June 25, 2012

Does Marcellus Wallace shop at Target?

Failing to ensure all of the doors were closed, we locked the car and went shopping. Upon our return, the back door was still ajar.

No, not ajar. Wide open.

In addition to many other kid related items--we really need to clean the car--the following objects were as we left them:
  • Starbucks gift card in front cup holder
  • iPad in driver's side door 
  • Assorted DVDs in back floor board
  • DVD player attached to back of front passenger's seat

The door touched the cart return, so everyone who parked in our row and were good citizens who didn't leave the shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot witnessed the vulnerability of our car. But no sticky fingers took anything.

I'd like to think the lack of theft is a commentary on society.

(insert rainbows and sunshine here)

Listen up! There really are good people in the world who don't take easy opportunities.

And they shop at Target.

Of course... could be a commentary that people suspected no one could be stupid enough to leave their doors open with valuables inside unless he or she was Pulp Fiction crazy and not to be messed with.

Either way, I'm grateful.


  1. Now that's a trip to Target to remember. Whew!

    1. Yes. It's a feel-good story. It's a much nicer tale than the time 1)a guy stood behind me in line 2)smelled my hair 3)left his stuff at the counter 4)followed me to my car.

      I've heard you're not supposed to be on a phone for safety, but I think a cell phone worked in my favor then, because I 1)dialed my husband 2) stopped in my tracks and turned to stare at the guy 3)"jokingly" said that if I didn't come home it was because I was with some man at Target 3)described him 4)and described his car...since it was parked right beside mine. I saw the rope and tape in the front seat as he glared at me and opened his car door. Only after I'd locked the door of my house did I freak out.

      Yep. THIS story was much nicer than THAT one. Both are ones I'll remember!

  2. WOW! Glad you escaped with all your out-in-the-open items in tack! I would have thought it was a What Would You Do episode and shut the door while smiling and waving my hand around like Miss America.

    1. I do tend to wave in stressful situations.

  3. These stories fit with my standby "There are more good people in the world than bad people, but there are bad people" speech. My kids can finish that quote if you get them started on it they heard it so many times. Glad your cargo (family and stuff) are safe. PS Target Rocks!

    1. Love your speech!

      If Target were a man, I'd be a bigamist.