Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Demolition Man with Free Magazines

Lisa of the Office knew our little man liked trucks and all sorts of heavy equipment, so she brought us a magazine she picked up for $.20 at a second hand store.  HE LOVES IT. He wants to take it everywhere and will "read" it so that it occupies more of his time than anything else we've found.

He also has corrected us on some of the equipment.  For example, I thought something was some sort of drill but he informed me it was a cement mixer that goes "waaaaaaaay down" into the ground. After reading the caption, I realized he was right.

So, my hubby, good dad that he is, went on the internet and found our little man a free one year subscription.  He insisted he selected all the answers honestly. Here are a few of the questions he had to complete.

What is your specialty? Demolition, Digging
Do you do any digging? Yes
How much do you spend on equipment each year? Under $500K
Do you have dump trucks in your fleet? Yes
Do you have tower cranes? Yes
Do you plan to purchase any equipment in the coming year?  Yes

His birthday is within the month. I'm sure his fleet will grow. And who knows? Maybe one day he'll actually buy something from the magazine.

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