Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorite: Crock Pot Girls

Culinary facts about me:
  • I'm not a chef.  Yes, I like to entertain and I love food. I'd just prefer to decorate than cook.
  • I loathe cook books. I'm completely incapable of imagining what a recipe will taste like by reading it. Cook books clutter my life. I much prefer to enjoy something, ask for the recipe and place it in my three-ring binder of faves.
  • I love my crock pot. It's easy. It makes delicious food.  'Nough said.
The Crock Pot Girls: Allyson, Jenna, and Nicole
On August 11, 2011, a trio of friends started a Facebook page where people post their favorite crock pot recipes. In those few weeks, over 330, 000 people have "liked" it.

Can you say phenomenon?

The creators have now started a website called Crock Pot Girls.

I am downright giddy with excitement.  Thank you, ladies, for providing a community of recipe swappers after my own heart!

Anyone else see a book deal in their future?

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