Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Spiders and Storms

My son hates "funder"storms.

I hate spiders.

Due to the extreme heat in Oklahoma, we're having an insect invasion. 

Miraculously, it rained last night. A good thing considering the trees are dropping leaves like it's autumn, and fires are springing up due to the tinderbox conditions.

Our terrified son fled to our room where he begged us to keep him "safe" from the "funder." We reassured him there was nothing to fear.

In the semi-darkness, I held my trembling boy...and watched a black shadow skitter across my top. I shifted into the light and felt eight tiny little legs skitter across the small area of my exposed tummy.

My son must have sensed my horror.

"Mommy?" he asked. "What's wrong? Are we safe?"

I swallowed hard as the spider crawled toward my leg.  "Yes, honey." I kissed him on the head as his daddy held him. Then I walked into the next room, barely suppressing a scream, and danced out of my clothes as quickly as possible.

The spider escaped.

My fingers are crossed the "funder" scared him away.

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