Friday, August 22, 2008

How cool do I feel?

Sonia Gensler, my friend and critique group member, told me about this fascinating blog she learned about while at SCBWI in LA this summer. She's now a contributor.

Kidlit Central News provides all sorts of useful and interesting information regarding children's publishing--especially by or about those in the central United States.

Yesterday, August 21, Sonia was the contributing blogger. She offered an idea that was useful for her about how to critique online. Guess where she says she got it?

No, really, guess.


She's so sweet and provides a plug for Glamour (coming to a store near you November 18), my website, and my author blog. Great advertising.

Learn more about Sonia by going to her website and her blog. You'll be glad you did. When her novels get published, you'll be able to say that you knew she'd make it big.
The above is a picture of Sonia from the OWFI conference this year. For the last two years, she's won 1st place with two different novels in two different categories. Yeah, she's one to watch!

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