Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That Show I'm Going to Be In

The outpouring of support from friends and family for making Oklahoma City's inaugural Listen to Your Mother Show has been tremendous.

Still, a lot of people have never heard of it.

Ann Imig, the head momma herself talks about it here:

It's an easy concept that creates a beautiful and authentic experience.

As I sat in a hair salon with foil in my hair and showed YouTube videos of past performances from my iPad, I realized that that was the true essence of the show. Women hanging out and sharing stories.

Two of our directors were in the Northwest Arkansas show last year.

Proceed with caution: After you watch the videos, you may have the compulsion to share them with others.

Heather Davis talks about unmentionables hair accessories.

Misti Prior talks about pretending to be Mother Teresa.

Today, the website introduced moi

Here's a teaser that shows the rest of our cast.  Hint: I'm the toothless one.

10% of proceeds benefits Infant Crisis Services in OKC. We're also accepting diaper donations at the door. Tickets are still available. You can order yours here.

Bring some Huggies and someone to hug. It's going to be that kind of afternoon.


  1. Sharing this. Great examples of celebration for Mother's Day!

  2. I love this, Brandi! I'm so, so, so excited to have you in our cast!

  3. I love how you look JUST LIKE MAX in your little kid photo.

    Can't wait!