Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Party Prep

It's almost here! I'm gearing up for my baby boy's 2nd birthday party. So many party ideas are available online, but I finally settled on a theme I know my little guy loves: Sesame Street. Check out the piles of stuff I have out already. There's even more in the closet.

My little birthday boy helper and I made the invitations with bright cards, stickers, and a glue stick. it was pretty fun. Each invitation was unique. Enclosed with each invitation was a sheet of stickers showing classic and new Sesame Street characters.
Front: "Elmo's friend Max is turning two.
Inside: Along with party details, we invited attendees to wear something in the color of their favorite Sesame Street character.
Back: "Max's party is brought to you by the letter M and the number 2."

Over the last two years, our family has gone through a lot of those canned "cheesy pouf" snacks from Gerber. I always felt so guilty throwing them out and decided to use them for the party, so my friend Coleen and I covered them with felt. Wait until you see the activity I have planned for the party!

The takeaway bags are cute. I stalked the dollar bin at Target and came up with Sesame Street coloring books and picture books. At Walmart I found packages of those Silly Bandz that seem to be the craze. These fit my theme because they were numbers and letters. Also at Walmart, I found sticker sheets where you can build your own monster. Since Sesame Street is filled with monsters, it was a perfect fit!
I'm so excited to see how much my Max loves the party.

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