Friday, January 8, 2010

Journal: curse

Have you ever felt like you had a little black cloud following you?

Crazy things have happened. The day began with a flat tire. The day ended with a broken toilet seal (the thing that keeps the toilet water from gushing out all over the floor didn't keep the water from gushing out all over the floor). Most everything in between those fabulous bookends was equally delightful.

Thankfully, nothing that happened this week has been horrible--just inconvenient. The annoying factor is probably what makes it as comfortable as Chinese water torture.

I know I'm (most likely) not getting pay-backs for something awful I did in a former life.

I know karma (probably) isn't giving me what I deserve.

But what if I were cursed? What other inconvenient things might befall me?

Journal: Write about a curse of inconvenience.

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