Friday, April 24, 2009

Jounral: locationlocationlocation

In our new town is a great little pizza place called Sam and Ella's.

Yep. Like salmonella.

And it's decorated with chickens. Everywhere. The first time I ate there I didn't even get the irony of the decorations. I simply thought there were chickens everywhere--on the walls, tablecloths, ceilings, etc. (Have I mentioned that I HATE chickens because they are stupid and filthy creatures? Alas, that's another blog.)

What sense of humor created this little restaurant? Regardless of the silly birds and ominous name, the place is always busy. They serve fabulous pizza. Plus, their salads are nothing to scoff at. The wait staff is young college types who wait on you with a friendliness that's so much a part of this region of the country.

It is a great setting for a story. As I sat in a booth with my husband and baby boy, I imagined the conversations going on at the other tables. What sort of people were they? What had brought them there? What lives did they lead? My mind still churns with the possibilities!

Journal: Describe a public location--real or fictional--where characters can congregate.

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