Friday, February 6, 2009


It's official. We are truly moved in. We're still unpacking, but Max is sleeping in his crib rather than a pack and play--and as of yesterday, we finally have Internet service! Sure, we still have boxes rather than a dining table in the dining room, but they're diminishing.

Our house is not baby proof.

Until about an hour ago, I thought we had plenty of time. That's when I looked up to discover that Max was no longer on his playmat. He was about two feet from it, lying on his back and still pushing with his feet.

There's gonna be a whole lotta babyproofing goin' on.

JOURNAL: Baby proofing our house is supposed to keep our little guy from getting hurt. If you could "baby proof" something so as to protect it from being hurt. What would it be and why?

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