Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home again

We've had a little time to recuperate from the trip, but we're both still exhausted. Our big plans of going on an adventure this weekend have been set aside in favor of being lazy. After G. brought me home from the airport I went straight to bed. I even slept on the plane, which is really saying something about my sleepy level because I'd just purchased Janet Evanovich's Fearless Fourteen.

We have new neighbors. First of all, there's Vincent the friendly guy who moved in downstairs while we were away. He said, "Hey, it's nice to meet youse guys." Yep, he really did. For those of you familiar with Evanovich's books, he looks like my idea of Morelli. He lives alone and I noticed passing by his window that his furniture looks remarkably bachelor-ish; however, he drives a modern station wagon. So, he kind of fits the Morelli mold in that respect, too.

Our other neighbors are quieter and furrier. A family of bunnies lives in the bushes below. Plus, there's a family of chipmunks in the same hedge. I told G I wasn't sure if I'd recognize a chipmunk and he said, "They look like mice with fluffy tails." Not long after he offered that visual, one shot across the street and back again. A tiny bird was on the ground, and I noticed they're about the same size. The red squirrels outside our window continue to entertain us.

The wildlife in NJ isn't what we'd expected.

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